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Litigation Consulting

We understand the factual and legal theories of your case. Part science and part art, we help frame the dispute in a way that benefits you.

  • Institutional knowledge: our past experience offers insight and solutions
  • Case analysis: development of visual themes and concepts that amplify your legal arguments
  • Team management: custom-tailored teams directed to case needs

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Presentation and Conceptual Art Design

We design compelling visual presentations. Timelines, charts, graphs, and document treatments. Great visuals are as effective as a shot of espresso. We make the complex clear & concise. Tailor-made 2D and 3D illustrations and animations bring your case to life.

  • Branded theme development
  • Conceptual design
  • Medical illustration
  • Presentation design
  • Custom illustration
  • On-the-fly revisions

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Trial Technology

We provide the technology & staff that powers your case. In a world where instant gratification is the norm, technology both fuels and satisfies the need for immediate visual input.

  • Trial exhibit database management
  • Video deposition syncing
  • Video deposition clip generation

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